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A Third Party Administrator (TPA) is an organization that processes insurance claims and handles some aspects of employee benefit plans for a separate company or organization.

This can be viewed as "outsourcing" the
administration of the claims processing, since
the TPA is performing a task traditionally
handled by the company providing the insurance
or the company itself.

Total Plan Services, Inc. was founded in 1984, and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Licensed as a Third Party Administrator, TPSI administers self-funded and fully-insured medical plans, including life,
AD&D, dental, vision, short term disability,
Section 125 flexible benefit plans, consumer
driven health plans to include HSA's and
HRA's along with Pre-tax Medical Expense
Reimbursement Plans.

We offer complete self funded comprehensive health programs that include:

Claims & Reporting Services

Trust Fund Investment

Cost Containment

Aggregate Accomodation

Legal Assistance

Total Plan Services, (in our fully-insured as well as self-funded programs), combine highly trained and dedicated individuals, along with LuminX LX technology, to remain on the leading edge of service and performance.

At Total Plan Services, we align our 30+ years of management infrastructure with partnerships, products,
and services, uniquely designed to
manage your healthcare dollars
through medical management

Throughout our long history, Total Plan Services has been committed to creating value for our broad base of both fully insured major medical as well as self funded clients.

Total Plan Services and our Customer Service Unit continues to be a critical measure for which we have maintained the highest performance standards within the industry. For over 30 years Total Plan Services has continued to exceed the highest ethical standards in the industry while remaining consistent in our integrity, dedication, and astute judgment to a "Service First" value oriented approach to our customers.